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YOLO Parents seeks to help parents and educators be in tune with themselves and their children so that they can connect in ways that form lifelong healthy relationships.

YOLO Parents was founded by Shannon Meyer, M.Ed., a credentialed teacher with experience working in impacted communities in the inner city. Despite challenging circumstances, her students achieved with remarkable and measurable success both academically and personally. Shannon then transitioned to full-time coaching as well as becoming an active member of the professional development leadership team. After having two of her own "spirited children" and observing the classroom management challenges that teachers often face, she began to specialize in supporting teachers and parents with behavior management.

With training in Cognitive Coaching, Common Core Education, Parenting Through Connection, and Positive Discipline, Shannon has developed courses and professional development packages to support parents and educators. Shannon is passionate about helping them to see the whole child and learn how a deeper understanding of our kids helps everyone succeed and be healthier and happier. Because, you know...YOLO!

Shannon Meyer

Core Values

Listening and acknowledging doesn’t mean you are approving.

Sometimes it’s hard, but when our children say they feel like the sky is green and you were being mean, it is ok to say “You feel like the sky is green and that I was not being kind to you...that’s hard.” It doesn’t mean you agree or approve of what they are saying; but the key is to acknowledge it.

Dysregulated people can’t "hear."

Ever wonder why your logical solutions don’t help a screaming child? It’s because they can’t hear you. Soothe them first, then focus on solving problems.

You can’t get off the treadmill and say "it’s not working."

Real change takes time and isn’t always visible in an instant. Let’s think about how our interactions will affect our kids today, tomorrow, and in 20 years.

Seek the cause of an issue, not just symptom prevention.

Often behavior is a symptom of a deeper cause which gets overlooked. Try to see past what is happening in the moment and aim for the root of the issue.

We meet our needs with age-appropriate strategies.

While screaming and crying may not be the best way adults meet their needs (let’s hope!), it’s how children come out of the womb communicating! Growing their strategy tool-box takes time.

Fear-inducing parenting limits growth.

When our brains detect fear they retreat to fight or flight, and there is not much learning that happens when we are in that mode. Limiting fear-based strategies gives our children a chance to really develop their own values.

Healthy children will not always appear "well-behaved."

Sometimes a screaming child is exactly where they need to be in that moment. Experiencing disappointment and learning how to be mindful and cope is not always a picture-perfect journey.

Prepare to endure misunderstanding by others.

When you’re in the thick of messy experiences, some people may judge you. They may think about how other children are “in-line” because their parents don’t tolerate some of the things that you do. Let’s all meet in 30 years and judge each other then. For now, we are doing what we believe is best.

For Parents

Parenting Party

Get some of your friends on­board and pick dates and times that work for you.

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Positive Connections Course

Come gather with other parents to learn more about how to navigate the tricky and emotional waters of parenting. Next course coming Fall 2016. Join our mailing list to be notified when registration opens!

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1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Need a thought partner to see first hand the challenges you’re facing? Shannon can help!

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For Educators

Professional Development Services

Educators greatly influence in the lives of children. Let's equip them with the latest information and tools to support healthy, happy, and thriving classrooms. And let's be sure the professional development experience is amazing, fun, and thoughtful--just like your awesome teachers!

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1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Sometimes all we need to a skilled thought-partner to help us reflect, strategize, and plan. You will be surprised at how cognitive coaching can powerfully (and joyfully) grow your own knowledge-base. Check it out!

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